Weather: Part I
Exhibition on Design March, Iceland

A research based exhibition, consisting of three parts, that shows a window into the first steps of the project.

1 Storywall

Questioning is one of the basic methods of gathering information but there are many ways of doing so. We believe that people are more receptive of the written form then direct confrontation and therefor more willing to give information that they possess.

2 Curiosity
Mind map
Material samples

An open ended collection of objects, materials, books, news and articles that sparked our interest when being in the mindset of a weather hoarder. We used the concept of Cabinets of Curiosity for this part of the research. This is a term for a collection of things that interest you and are all connected in one way or another.

3 Observation

Observation is the action or process of observing something carefully or in order to gain information. Being inside looking out. What do you see? Same country but different surroundings, or very similar maybe? We got obsessed about these live weather webcams that are documenting every second all over Iceland.